Turtle Records to be Managed by WWF South Pacific

© Penina Solomona
© Penina Solomona
 A database system that tracks the protection and management of regional sea turtles is now being managed at the WWF South Pacific. This suggests an increased and improved capacity within WWF South Pacific in enhancing the protection and conservation of sea turtles.

The WWF South Pacific’s marine species programme in partnership with the
Mamanuca Environment Society (MES) currently has the biggest sea turtle based project site in Fiji.

Referred to as the Turtle Research and Monitoring Database System (TREDS) the database is a critical step to understanding population trends for sea turtles found in Fiji waters. The database stores information on tag deployment, nesting beaches, foraging ground monitoring data and hatchling information.

The overarching database for the Pacific Island region is be housed at the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) in Samoa. However, the Fiji project statistics will retain ownership and use of the data (within reasonable time periods) for publishing and recognition.

Tagging results collated by SPREP on TREDS in the region have indicated Fiji as an important feeding ground for sea turtles in the region.