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International Eco-Internship Programme

The International Eco-Internship Programme (EIP) is an international campaign developed by the WWF network, currently facilitating an introduction to environmental education for more than 10,000 students annually in Pakistan.

WWF-South Pacific is piloting the programme in Fiji to inculcate civic responsibility among the youth in the South Pacific. The International Eco-Internship Programme is an intensive environment certification workshop for students of grade 7 through to university.

WWF-South Pacific’s experts and representatives provide topic oriented modules that are developed for students of tertiary level for the pilot programme.

Modules include presentations on current environmental issues, hands-on activities, group assignments and outdoor activities.

Sessions in the pilot programme will be delivered at the IUCN Conference Room, in Suva.

Objectives of the International EIP:

• Hands on experience
• Local solutions to global environmental challenges
• Exclusive information from WWF-South Pacific conservation sites
• Enables students to generate an insight into the eco-dynamics and challenges of the ecosystem
• Broaden students’ scope as responsible custodians of valuable natural resources
• Inculcates a sense of civic responsibility
• Become official Ambassadors of WWF-South Pacific and obtain support for nature conservation

Topics Covered

• About WWF’s work in the South Pacific
• Endangered species
• Marine Life
• What is the Green Economy
• Documentary Making
• Local Communities
• Alternative Energy
• Nature Photography and many more


Upon successful completion of all the prescribed modules in the International EIP, students will receive an official International Eco-Internship Programme certificate from WWF-South Pacific which is anticipated to be valuable for further education and employment opportunities.

For more information email hmalik@wwfpacific.org.fj
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Get a chance to learn about the environmentand much more! Join ECO Internship Programme WWF-South Pacific.
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Eco-Designing session with environment enthusiasts in Pakistan
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© Hamza Malik/WWF-South Pacific
Having fun in nature, no one is too young to learn about the importance of the environment.
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Eco-Internship Coordinator Hamza Malik presents an eco-intern with his certificate
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