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Posted on 03 September 2017
The workshop was attended by youths and volunteers from across Fiji
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WWF-Pacific volunteers who attended the Youths for Integrity-organised workshop held in Suva, have commended the organizers for a successful event.

The workshop with the theme “Championing accountable governance, democracy & peaceful pluralism, through Youth Civic Leadership” had thirty participants representing different local youth groups from around Fiji.

WWF volunteer Kelekolio Tominiko shared that the workshop was an eye-opener for him and he is keen to share what he learnt with his peer in the volunteer program.

“Firstly, I wish to share that I really enjoyed the workshop,” Tominiko said.  “I learnt the qualities of a good leader which requires making an ethical decision when you are facing a dilemma and these are some of the qualities every youth needs to instill.”

Fellow WWF volunteer Titilia Doughty who shared similar sentiments said she was pleased with the presenters, and thanked the facilitators for organizing such a great event.

“Today’s leadership training session has helped me to identify what are some qualities that a true leader should have and not only that, but we as a youth of Fiji, we should know our responsibilities towards our nation”, the Yasawa lad said. “We play a very important role and as a youth, anti-corruption starts within us.”

Facilitator, Dr. Joseph Veramu explained the workshop was aimed at highlighting the role of civil society and youths in supporting the electoral process of transparent and accountable governance processes.

“The second goal was to inculcate intercultural interaction to enable participants to look beyond ethnic barriers and to engage with each other irrespective of race, color or creed,” the policy consultant shared.

Also present during the workshop were guest speakers from other government ministries and the newly crowned Miss Hibiscus 2017, Candace Veramu.

The workshop encouraged participants to discuss civic transparent processes in climate change, social issues and democracy.

The workshop was funded by the Canada Fund  for Local Initiatives.
The workshop was attended by youths and volunteers from across Fiji
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WWF Volunteer, Tema Saukiwai (front right) participating in the workshop
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2017 Hibiscus Queen with the Volunteers
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