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Macuata Reviews Natural Resource Management Strategy

Posted on 16 February 2020
Participants at the multi-stakeholder workshop to review the Macuata NRM
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A multi-stakeholder workshop was held in Labasa to review and make recommendations for the update of the Macuata Province Natural Resource Management (NRM) Strategy 2014 - 2018.

Development for this strategy began in 2012, and when launched in 2015, it was the first provincial level natural resource management strategy in Fiji. The review workshop was organised by the Macuata Provincial Office with the support of WWF-Pacific, and brought together provincial and districts chiefs, district representatives, women and youth reps, government agencies, and local partners and stakeholders.
The three-day workshop was a chance to receive feedback from key partners and community representatives, and also provide an opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of the NRM implementation within the province of Macuata from 2014-2018. Participants were also able give directions to the updated version of the document, including strategies to effectively coordinate and implement it for the next 5 years.

In his opening remarks at the first day of the workshop, Macuata Provincial Council member and former assistant Roko Tui Macuata, Mr Mosese Nakoroi, challenged participants and especially community representatives  on their commitments to the management of Macuata’s natural resources.

“There are many commitments from the government for the management of our resources but the bottom line is the resources owners and users, how are we going to manage our resources for the betterment of our future generation.

“We need to look at what is happening in other provinces and look at how we can implement a new plan that will benefit the people Macuata. Government has plans in place but Macuata also needs a roadmap that will align to and guide these plans,” Mr Nakoroi said.
WWF-Pacific Great Sea Reef Programme Manager, Mr Alfred Ralifo, said the development and implementation of the strategy has not only  been a big achievement for the province but  a learning process as well.
“The Macuata NRM was developed with a view to coordinate conservation efforts and initiatives within the province and strengthen coordination between stakeholders and find ways to access funding, assist vulnerable communities in adaptation measures and enhance sustainable development, while  safeguarding biodiversity, food security, community livelihoods and building community resilience.
“A lot of the activities under the NRM was to be implemented by some of the various government agencies like Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and are already part of the core functions of these line ministries, with funding for these activities to be included as part of their budget submissions to Government as part of their annual budget.
“This three-day workshop is now a chance for us to sit back and relook at the implementation period and evaluate what’s worked and what hasn’t and plan on next steps,” he added.
The Macuata Province Natural Resource Management Strategy (2014-2018) was developed following a series of stakeholder consultations, workshops and working in close collaboration with various Government Ministries, partners and civil society groups. The 4 years Strategy was put in place following several years of work by WWF in the Macuata Province and through funding and support by different funders and donors. This Strategy was the first such Management Strategy that used EBA approach and was coordinated by the Provincial Office.
The review workshop is an activity under the Pacific Ecosystem-based Adaptation to Climate Change (PEBACC) project being implemented by WWF-Pacific with funding support from the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme through the PEBACC project. PEBACC is working with WWF-Pacific to support the broadening of the Qoliqoli Cokovata management plan to include management of land-based activities that impact the Dreketi River Catchment (which drains into the Qoliqoli Cokovata marine area).
Participants at the multi-stakeholder workshop to review the Macuata NRM
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Chiefs from the Province of Macuata were also part of the discussions
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Mr Mosese Nakoroi
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