Christian Environmentalism: An Ecotheological Approach to Earth Keeping

Posted on 24 September 2018
The English version of the tracts
© WWF-Pacific
The publication, An  Etheological Approach to Earthkeeping,  is a collaboration between the Methodist Church in Fiji (MCIF) and WWF-Pacific targeted at encouraging Christians to become better stewards of the environment. They  build on the Methodist Church in Fij’s strategic approach to environmental stewardship as outlined in the church’s  Pillar 12 on Christian Stewardship and Other Creations addressing the wise, Godly and sustainable use of our natural resources. The tracts have been published in English with an iTaukei translation  and will be used by divinity students studying at the MCIF Theological College. 

The bible tracts  are part of the WWF-Pacific Sustainable Seafood Project, which is a partnership between the New  Zealand Aid Programme, Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand Institute and WWF-New Zealand, working to secure the wellbeing of coastal communities in Fiji through sustainable fishing.