Dignity kits to meet the hygiene needs of women and girls in Nacula, Yasawa.

Posted on 20 November 2021
Community members take part in a mock emergency exercise.
© Apolosa Robaigau

Women and girls from the district of Nacula in the Yasawas were provided with dignity kits as part of WWF-Pacific’s project “Enabling Recovery of TC Yasa priority affected communities in Ba and Macuata.”

The recent delivery is to accommodate the specific needs of women and girls during times of natural disaster, which is in line with WWF’s Gender and Social inclusion policies 

The project was signed in March between WWF-Pacific and Coffey International Development as the managing contractor on behalf of the Australian Governments Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

“We are grateful that WWF has been thoughtful of the personal needs of women through the provision of dignity kits during times of natural disasters,” said Basilisa Sereana, a community representative from Vuaki village.

Sereana highlighted that the assistance is timely given that Yasawa lies along Fiji’s cyclonic path and that she has been working with women and girls in advising them to prepare for cyclone season (Nov-April).

Women from the seven villages of Yaqeta, Matacawalevu, Vuaki,Naisisili, Nacula, Malakati and Navotua, in addition to the settlements of Enadala and Matavewa have been assisted.

WWF Project Manager, Vilisite Tamani highlighted that the support is part of the organization's response towards communities recovering from the effects of Tropical Cyclone Yasa.

“The roll-out of this assistance was delayed due to Covid restrictions, and now with the green light given for the movement into maritime islands, WWF is able to continue with the project. And it’s timely given we’re entering the country’s cyclone season, the items can be part of their preparation kits as well.”

Tamani added the COVID-19 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) were also distributed to the communities of Nacula in support of government's efforts to help control the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Éven though the district of Nacula has achieved at least 70% full vaccination rate and there are no reports of current active cases in their communities, the PPE items are meant to complement whatever they’re already doing in terms of mask wearing, sanitizing etc.

The Health Ministry has made known that there is a possibility of a third wave of the virus, so these items are to also ensure Nacula communities have the basic necessities ready,  if and when that happens.”

“Our thanks goes out to our partners WWF for always providing their valuable support in guiding us through the main components of Disaster Risk Reduction, most of the items provided are important for us and we are overwhelmed by the support,” said Lavenia Naivalu the District Representative for Nacula.

Naivalu added that since Nacula lies within Fiji’s cyclonic path, many communities are preparing seed banks, stocking up on food and preparing for the cyclone season.

Community members take part in a mock emergency exercise.
© Apolosa Robaigau Enlarge
Community members take part in a mock emergency exercise.
© Apolosa Robaigau Enlarge
COVID-19 Personal Protective Equipment handed to community
© Apolosa Robaigau Enlarge