Turtle Ball

The annual Turtle Ball is an exclusive black tie event in aid of our waters’ most majestic species, the sea turtle.
Five of the seven sea turtle species grace Fiji’s oceans and beaches; the leatherback, green, hawksbill, loggerhead and olive ridley. Four of these are threatened species, and the leatherback and hawksbill turtles are quite literally on the brink of extinction.

Marine turtles face many threats across their range, from harvesting for meat, eggs or shell to ingestion of marine debris. They can also be accidentally caught in fishing gear and while some may be released alive, often they are not. Turtles are also threatened through the loss of their feeding and nesting grounds due to coastal development and climate change.

However, with funding, the WWF has been making excellent progress protecting sea turtles. For example, the WWF’s advocacy pushed through the extension of Fiji's Turtle Moratorium banning the trade of turtle meat and derivatives for another 10 years, and awareness campaigns have reduced demand for such products on the black market. More, however, needs to be done if these ancient species are going to survive the turn of the century.

Please note that the next Turtle Ball will take place in 2012.